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Evolving Consciousness: How to Live a Better Life

Are you fully conscious?

Of course, yes!  What kind of question is that, right?

The affirmative answer comes naturally to all of us, but does that make it the correct answer? Well, here’s some food for thought – are you conscious of every single development, change, or shift around you?

Several years ago, I asked myself this question and the answer was the same as yours – a resounding and unquestionable YES! But, when I delved deeper and put some real thought into finding the answer to this question, it changed my life. Consciousness can be tricky to understand. Understand it like this. You are conscious of the words that are being spoken around you, the touch you feel, and the sounds you hear. But, what about the energy fields – be it the earth’s gravity, the magnetic field created by the current in your house, or something else – that you don’t see or hear or feel? They do exist, only they are not apparent. So, from the perspective of someone who is aware of the existence of these fields, you are unconscious.

Too much?

No problem. Let’s take it down a notch.

A New Hope?

First things first. You must understand that you are not actively responding to a lot of things that happen around you. This does not mean that they will not affect you. Different people, places and things have different energies and energy states that we somehow don’t agree with. We can’t put a finger on what they are, but we know that something is off.

And, the Science Agrees

Research coming out of the Bielefeld University and published in Nature Communications offers conclusive evidence to this theory. The university research team found out that plants can draw energy from other plants. With advancements in the energy science, it is only a matter of time that the direct energy transfer between all life and the nature will also be proven. Humans can feed on the energy emanating out of the surrounding people, animals and plants, which triggers different emotional states.

What Does This Mean For Us?

This universe is nothing but a big energy box and throughout our life, we are exposed to all kinds of energies at a personal and professional level. Gaining cognizance of these energies is what makes us aware of who we are, brings clarity about what we want to do, and gives our life a whole new perspective. But, it’s not easy. If anything, it’s far from easy.

I was where you are, and I know how it feels. Knowing about all these variables that you were unaware of, variables that affect your life, it can be overwhelming! I understand that.

I Understand

I do not come from a particularly easy childhood. As a child, I was surrounded by abuse and violence in a poor neighborhood in Brazil. Life felt like a heavy load and there was not much to look forward to. But, I struggled through it, understood the variables and learned how to control them. I have since decided to help others in their journey, to assist them in making their life better. In my capacity as a life coach, I guide my clients to be more aware of their surroundings and use the new input to help them plan their life better.

My intention is to help people think more clearly, experience more, and live a life they can feel happy about.  After all, isn’t that what we all want?

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