Becoming All-Powerful
1 Year Mentoring Program

For Only $997

  • We go deep with monthly live 60min mentoring sessions during a whole year!
  • Identifying weak spots that make you fall back into negative thought patterns and old habits. We'll reprogram your mind and create new habits using neuroscience-based tools, NLP, meditations, and more... to reconnect with yourself and those around you.
  • Monthly live Q&A and Hot Seat sessions
    • Learn simple and yet powerful techniques to overcome anxiety
    • Have support and encouragement on your journey
    • Build up self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Overcome roadblocks that get in your way
    • Develop your communication to overcome social anxiety
    • Establish a sense of direction/purpose in life
  • Monthly live 60min sound healing therapy sessions

Release of your mental, emotional and physical stress

Restore balance in the electromagnetic system, nervous system and all systems of the body

Supports our work on shifting negative thought patterns

Improves your sleep cycle, digestion, and even your mood!

  • Monthly exclusive live meditations to support on reprogramming your mind to unstoppable self-confidence and self-love.
  • Get free lifetime content upgrades!
  • Full access to Becoming All-Powerful Mentoring Program
  • Go through the program LIVE or at ”your own speed”
  • Private Facebook Support Group
  • A safe space to share and connect
    • Helpful resources
    • Support, encouragement and accountability
    • Learn from the experiences of others
    • Increase your social confidence
    • Make new like minded friends!

I highly recommend parent and teen to do this work together if possible, since I know by my own personal experience with my teenage daughter and my experience with clients how much more effective it can be if done together.


12 Monthly Payments $99

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