Mantras & Affirmations

Mantras & Affirmations

listen carefully to the voice that tells me when I need to make a change.

I recreate and readjust easily.

I have a supportive group of friends who encourage me and help me keep on track.

I handle minor frustrations without distraction.

I keep up my energy easily.

I honor these times of transition as necessary and precious.

I see the spiritual lessons in everything.

I allow the journey to unfold.

I dance in the mystery of the universe.

I keep things simple.

I honor my life’s abundance.

I honor my new field of expression and a different way to serve others.

I hold all my experiences up to the light of love.

I am powerful in my professional life.

I am safe and let life flow joyously.

I accept all the lessons that life gives me.

I choose to love and approve of myself.

I am the creative power in my world.

I move forward in life with ease and joy.

My creative thoughts flow freely and easily.

I am deeply centered and peaceful in my life.

I go beyond other people’s fears and limitations.

I easily flow with new experiences, new directions, and new changes.

I am now willing to see my own magnificence and power.

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