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Today we will have a fun talk with Nikki Xavier and
get the perspective of a teenager.
And also, a nice talk with Bo Green. Enjoy!

Nikki Xavier

Join us for this fun conversation with my 13-year-old daughter Nikki where she shares how she keeps up with her morning practices and how you can support your teenager in getting into healthy practices that can help in managing anxiety and improving physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

We talk about meditation, mindful nature walks, healthy eating, and the importance of self-care throughout the whole process. Nikki shares tips for connecting with your teenagers through these practices and how we must be kind to ourselves when we “fall off the wagon.”

Bo Green

I hope you enjoy my fun conversation with Bo, where he shares his story of struggle with social anxiety and how he used alcohol to have the courage to go out and interact with people. He shares how he used fasting to quit alcohol and how transformative that experience was for him, bringing into his life new practices that support his wellbeing. We talk about the importance of having a role model and Bo shares a fun challenge that can help you get rid of bad habits you might be struggling with.

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