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Today we will have a nice talk with Dr. Stella Wuttke.
I will also share my own story of anxiety struggles as a teen.

Mayara Souza

Join me today where I will be sharing my own journey dealing with anxiety as a teenager and how I got through it. I will be sharing the tools that were so helpful for my healing and that I still use to this day, how those techniques work for adults as well, and we’ll talk about ways you can use to reconnect with your teenager and be of support to them in overcoming anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation…

Dr. Stella Wuttke

Join us today for a great conversation where Dr. Stella shares some pointers on the teenager’s brain, which will help you understand your teenager a lot better. We talk about how the thoughts we constantly think are really shaping our future, and why teenagers think so differently from their parents and take more risks than we do as adults.

We talk about how some of our beliefs and fears could have been passed on to us from generations before through our DNA, and we also touched on meditation and self-love. I hope you enjoy it!

Coming tomorrow... join us for the perspective of a teenager in our interview with Nikki Xavier and also a fun talk with Bo Green. You don't want to miss it!

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