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Today we talk with Dr. Joe Tafur,
Dr. Ariel Whitworth and Dr. Terry Collier.

Dr. Joe Tafur

Join us for our insightful conversation where we talk about epigenetics and trauma, the researches showing how our cells can be imprinted by trauma, nutrition, and even our emotions. We talk about how our bodies are being programmed by our environment through repetition, and the power of repetition to reprogram our bodies and our conditionings. We touch on “digital hygiene” and how to educate our teenagers on using technology in an intelligent way. And much more…

Dr. Ariel Whitworth

Today I am happy to invite you to join my conversation with Ariel where she shares her own story of teenage struggles with eating disorder, anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation.

Ariel shares simple practices that were super helpful for her own healing process and some signs to watch for if you’re suspecting that your teenager might be struggling with any of those conditions. And we also talk about some simple steps to start the process of overcoming any of those conditions.

Dr. Terry Collier

Join Dr. Terry and I as we talk about how he started working as a crisis’s counselor through his own crises. We talk about the power of forgiveness and signs to watch for if you think your teenager might be struggling with anxiety. We talk about how our self-image is created by what we hear our caregivers say about us when we’re growing up. And how to develop self-love by looking within.

Coming tomorrow... join us on our conversation with Dr. Stella, and I will also be sharing my own story of anxiety as a teen and I what I did to overcome it. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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